To:      Liquor Control Board of Ontario

Re:      Appointment of Exclusive Agent

We wish to be a Supplier of Liquor Products to you for resale by you. We acknowledge that we have received and read your manual entitled “LCBO Product Management Policies and Procedures.”

We hereby authorize the following person to be our exclusive Agent with respect to the sale of the following Liquor Products to Liquor Control Board of Ontario effective the day of _________________, 20______.

Exclusive Agent Information:

425 Kipling Ave,  Toronto
Tel: +1 (888) 494-4334 Fax: +1 (647) 435-3439

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,  www.loyalimports.com

Description of Products:



Note:   Agent must represent the Product in all sizes and forms and the entire brand line.

You are entitled to deal exclusively with our Agent. We agree that we and our Agent will comply with the manual entitled “LCBO Product Management Policies and Procedures” as changed from time to time. By signing this form Supplier agrees to comply with Exclusive Agent Agreement by Loyal Imports LTD.

By: ___________________________

 By: ___________________________


I/We have authority to bind the Supplier




Please use this link to download PDF version of this file and print it on the official letterhead. 

Exclusive Agent Agreement can be found here

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Loyal Imports is a full service sales and marketing company committed to selling wine, beer and spirits throughout Canada. Our commitment to deliver great products, great service and product knowledge to our customers sets Loyal Imports in a unique position in the marketplace, as a strategic business partner and not just an agent/importer/distributor.


Loyal Imports is fully licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (#62530) and Liquor Control Board of Ontario (#1218) to canvas for, receive, or solicit orders for the sale of beverage alcohol products and perform marketing support.

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