The provincial liquor boards have created a host of promotional program and merchandizing opportunities for all alcohol beverage brand suppliers. All initiatives can be applied for via formal application based on specific criteria. There are many programs available for wines, beers, spirits, and other beverages. Programs include:

  • Floor displays, shelf extenders, and shelf talkers
  • Limited-time offers and/or price reductions
  • 50 ml sample attached to primary bottle
  • Air Miles reward programs
  • Contests for prizes including merchandize, branded products, etc.
  • Mail-out coupons
  • Instant-rebate coupons designed for discount at point of purchase
  • Neck tags containing recipes and/or product information, promotions, etc.
  • In-store samples
  • Special events
  • Niche programs for ethnic groups
  • Advertising in provincial liquor board magazines.
  • Advertising in strategic magazines and/or newspapers
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Loyal Imports is a full service sales and marketing company committed to selling wine, beer and spirits throughout Canada. Our commitment to deliver great products, great service and product knowledge to our customers sets Loyal Imports in a unique position in the marketplace, as a strategic business partner and not just an agent/importer/distributor.


Loyal Imports is fully licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (#62530) and Liquor Control Board of Ontario (#1218) to canvas for, receive, or solicit orders for the sale of beverage alcohol products and perform marketing support.

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