How To Send Samples to Ontario

For the submission and pre-submission processes, the LCBO requires detailed information about your product(s) and physical samples. Please follow the instructions below when sending samples to Ontario:

1) Please ensure that the bottles are individually wrapped and shipped in styrofoam wrappers or equivalent.
2) Unless otherwise instructed, please ship three bottles.
3) Wrap the cartons, and address them as follows:


Tel: +1 (888) 494-4334


4) Please fill the CI1 form (Canada Customs Invoice). You may download an editable PDF form via this link.
5) Ship the bottles of wine or spirit airfreight, prepaid, and insured.
6) Please inform the Loyal Imports LTD as to the flight number and airway bill number once the goods have been shipped.

NOTE: No more than 45 litres (ex. 5 cases of 12 x 750 ml) can be sent at one time in one airway bill. This is the maximum quantity allowed by Canada Customs to clear and release to Loyal International Trading daily. If more than that quantity is shipped at one time, on one airway bill, the samples are automatically turned over to the liquor board and lost to AWS. When shipping more than the limit allowed, please split the shipment accordingly and send the cases under separate dates.

How To Complete The Canada Customs Invoice

Canada Customs Invoice needs to accompany the shipment and should be included with the paperwork that is given to the courier company, as well as being attached to the shipment. You can find pre-filled ci1 forms HERE. Only fill in the fields indicated below:
1) Vendor - Indicate the name and address of the company sending the goods to the receiver
2) Date of direct shipment to Canada- date you shipped the samples
7) Country of origin of goods - Country where goods are grown, produced, or manufactured.
11) Number of packages- 1 unless samples shipped in few packages
12) Specification of commodities - Name of the wine, vintage, size of the bottle, alcohol percentage, red or white
13) Quantity -3 unless specified otherwise
14) Unit price - Reasonable Declared Value, usually about $3.00 Cdn/Bottle - please ask Loyal Imports to provide you with a reasonable value

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