Social Responsibility

We strongly believe that our responsibilities extend much further than mere laws and regulations. We acknowledge our social responsibility and seek to demonstrate positive social leadership in a variety of ways.

Responsible Consumption

Because of the industry in which we operate, we recognize we have a responsibility to encourage responsible consumption of our brands' products. We actively campaign against dangerous and/or excessive alcohol consumption because of its health risks, and its social and personal consequences. We believe that most people drink sensibly and enjoy our brands in a safe and responsible way, but we nevertheless play an active role in encouraging awareness of the benefits of moderate consumption and responsible drinking. We take this responsibility very seriously and, as a consequence, have clear policies for the advertising, marketing, and promotion of our brands and their products.

Environmental Impact

We continuously seek to conduct all of our activities in such a way as to conserve natural resources in order to play our part in preserving our planet. This commitment means that we use the most energy-efficient technology possible in order to handle all our operations in an environmentally respectful fashion, particularly in terms of promoting recycling and limiting waste. We go to great lengths in order to reduce our impact on the environment, including the following implementations:

  • Using packaging alternatives that are more eco-friendly
  • Using energy-efficient light bulbs and a timed thermostat in order to reduce energy use throughout our facilities
  • Making sure there are ample recycling bins available throughout our premises
  • Making wise, eco-friendly choices with our office supplies: envelopes used for internal mail are re-circulated; refillable pens are used in our offices; we purchase recycled paper; and we recycle and/or reuse printer cartridges
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Loyal Imports is a full service sales and marketing company committed to selling wine, beer and spirits throughout Canada. Our commitment to deliver great products, great service and product knowledge to our customers sets Loyal Imports in a unique position in the marketplace, as a strategic business partner and not just an agent/importer/distributor.


Loyal Imports is fully licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (#62530) and Liquor Control Board of Ontario (#1218) to canvas for, receive, or solicit orders for the sale of beverage alcohol products and perform marketing support.

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